Saturday, November 21, 2009

What are we? Who are they? Glad to be me.

  Recently, I was introduced to another Celiac.  It was wonderful in that not only are we few and far between; but we are also kind of difficult to spot outright. 
  One of the most difficult things about being a Celiac is that isolation.  And one thing that makes that even worse is that our needs -- yes, literally our needs (i.e., to be gluten-free, especially in diet), tend to encourage us to isolate even more.

  It's not like we are so thick in society that we can passively join our lives together and thrive in some part off of each other's support.
  Perhaps it is just my current sense of being born a creature of Glutenia and having some innate sense of pride in all of that which makes me feel awkward about some things I have missed -- or even, NOT missed -- such as just that comfort of being able to simply lounge where I wish, among my co-inhabitants, mutually enjoying life as we jointly consume all the most common foods.
  Yes, in some stages of my Celiac-rebirthing, I cried out and pained over NOT being able to do what "normal" folks do.  But at this point, gazing forth at the dawn on Glutenia, me... a free Celiac, I sometimes look back at those days and the pictures I see in my mind are not pretty at all.  In fact, I feel more like I wouldn't want to be like them.
  And I know it is just my remnants of anger and even envy for a world where I was so different, so out of sorts, and so sooooo depressed.  But still, I do feel some pride now in my survivorship of a once cruel existence.  And now, my recent awakening on a whole new plane.
  I am glad to be me.   And I hope you are glad to be you.

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