Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weird Atmosphere

  Sometimes, I recall being among the others was a somewhat dark and wierd atmosphere.  I'm sure there was no intention for things to be that way.  It's just wierd sometimes, feeling sooooo different.
  I mean, how does one go about announcing to a room of strangers -- or even friends, much less family: "Hey, I'm a Celiac."?
  It seems clear from the ways that the U.S. Market and Legal system treat Celiacs, that this is anything but a popular notion.  Otherwise, Celiacs would not be charged extra for or even denied health insurance due to their pre-existing condition.  Retailors and/or Producers would not charge so much more for Gluten-Free foods.  And, U.S. labor laws would be tougher and more preventive regarding workplace discrimination against Celiacs.  Right?
  I don't know.  I certainly mean no offense to those wellmeaning folks who have accepted us Celiacs as being worthy of the benefit of a doubt.
  But these things sometimes leave me feeling as if I am either on a different planet from that of my comforting origins; or my warm and safe planet of birth has been invaded by terribly selfish beings.

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