Friday, November 27, 2009

"A Wonderful Time!" On Another Planet

  Yesterday, how ever long ago that was for me, I enjoyed an Earthlike feast of Giving Thanks -- a traditional celebration about how some four or five centuries ago, an exploring group of "New World" Pilgrims and their Native Counterparts made a peace of sorts and sealed it through the mutual breaking of breads -- as it were.
  Naturally, these breads then... and probably even moreso now, were anything but Gluten-Free.
  Thus a celebration for some becomes a potential pitfall for others.
  Yes... I relapsed...... dangit!!!

  I did just fine in prepping my own dish of sweet potatoes or YAMs with a sugary, buttery solution and marshmallows.. all products carefully chosen as Gluten-Free as was their Apple Larabar "secret ingredient".
  But come time for the pie... after being sooooo  soooo  good throughout the meal and passing up on that wonderful smelling gravy, the stuffing and all that... had to have a piece of Cream Pie....
  YES>>>>> it was a wonderful time...on another planet.
   Certainly as my co-diners marveled at my sweet potato concoction I could have then confessed... "OK, yes... that's it... I AM A CELIAC!"
  Or even the politically correct thingee... "a person with Celiac Disease".... but being a proud migrant of Glutenia, I could not confess at that time.  Certainly not at the same time I began stuffing my pie hole with pie.
  And from there... ...  ...  though I was good enough NOT to eat the crust... all the time knowing I had probably already glutenized my self with the pie's thickeners...
  Then my hostess and host... wonderful people as they are... brought out some Polish Dumpling sort of thingees...  And they were delish.  In my then-present state of denial, I had to eat two small dumplings.... telling myself... they are really just potatoes...  But then... what was in the crust?
  Anyway.. soo...s000.....S0000....  SOOOOOOOO  I relapsed... and I have been paying for it since.
  And now... boy don't I press to get myself back to my Glutenia... back where it is safe and comfortable.  Back to Glutenia.
  So on through Trinidad, I will pass again... on to another day.... a different planet.

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