Thursday, April 8, 2010

Comfortable Memories of the Days Before Glutenia

  Sometiemes I think about what it was like -- life before Glutenia.  How did I live then?  It's like I was on a different planet.  A home where I could eat anything that I wanted to eat.  I dinner table filled with loved ones, where I could ask for seconds, thirds and even fourths on the bread. 
  That was a different time.  A part of me -- a growing part of me -- tells me that these current times are different, but they might not really be sooooooo bad.  I just have to be more creative now.  I have to find ways to make my life here on Glutenia more confortable.
  Meanwhile though... I will still have those memories of cattails by the lake and the reflections that they make together with the Sun and a lot of help from everything else that we call creation.

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